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Purple chess Thor Ronaldo Zhao Shu Qi star this week Deng Dai Biao style list

For many people, the watch may be optional accessories. However, the watch is definitely the star styling the most bonus items, male star suits and dresses to wear watches, very gentleman. Actress dress dresses to wear watches, among the many celebrity jewelry embellishment stand out, luxurious atmosphere. This week, the "iron lung" Queen of Deng Zi Qi attended the activity, with a white baby doll dress dress with Tag Heuer F1 diamond ceramic female form, minimalist atmosphere. Thor and his wife parachuted into Shanghai, wearing yikuanwan baolong new time series DLC Chronograph, full of masculine; Vicki join the dear crew unveiled at the Venice Film Festival, became the most popular Chinese actress, she wore a Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Cordonnet Neva women's snowflake inlays of silk chain double-sided Flip watch gorgeous and sophisticated. Ronaldo won the UEFA's player of the season (UEFA's Golden Globes), the witness of this glorious moment with him and his wrist Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887 chronograph week calendar.

Deng Ziqi

Watches: Tag Heuer F1 ceramic diamond stainless steel Black Watch

Reference price: 16,800 RMB

Purple chess Thor Ronaldo Zhao Shu Qi star this week Deng Dai Biao style list

The night of August 31, official TAG Heuer taigehaoya watch the world's first electric formula one world championship press conference was held, Tang purple chess as a special guest to attend and sing you got me drunk and like you two songs, shock four-seater. That night, she dressed in a white dress with Tag Heuer F1 steel Black ceramic diamond watch, full of youthful vigor and vitality.

Tag Heuer F1 steel Black ceramic diamond watch

Purple chess Thor Ronaldo Zhao Shu Qi star this week Deng Dai Biao style list

Tag Heuer F1 ladies ceramic watch is stainless steel Tag Heuer and tennis star Maria Sharapova to design, steel and ceramic materials used, a symbol of the perfect fusion of power and soft, especially gem diamonds inlaid on the watch, absolutely beautiful. Made of pure stainless steel and ceramic bracelet, contrasts, and dazzling, and stainless steel "Butterfly" folding clasp fixed and easily turned on and off, for the dynamism of modern women. Dial set with 12 diamonds, decoration, ceramic polished stainless steel bezel is decorated with 60. F1 ladies ceramic watch stainless steel "woman is the perfect combination of power and soft" interpretation most shape is also very suitable for small, highly explosive natures Deng Zi qi.

God of Thunder

Watch: MONTBLANC new TimeWalker DLC series chronograph

Reference price: 54000

On August 28, the Hollywood star of "Thor" comic and his wife held in Shanghai on Shanghai debut, airborne Montblanc MONTBLANC global launch of the new female form series baoxi ceremony. He wore yikuanwan baolong new TimeWalker DLC chronograph series show masculine qualities, this watch will go on sale this fall listing.

Purple chess Thor Ronaldo Zhao Shu Qi star this week Deng Dai Biao style list

New TimeWalker MONTBLANC time Walker series DLC chronograph

Purple chess Thor Ronaldo Zhao Shu Qi star this week Deng Dai Biao style list

MONTBLANC TimeWalker series Yu 2004 first launched, its highlights including building line, and 43 mm table shell, and very narrow table circle, and elegant of hollow table ear, and plane dial, and clear easy read of special Arabic numerals and unique Willow type pointer, its innovation styling makes this series in launched Hou of ten years raised warm resound, full of masculine taste combined movement elegant style, more let MONTBLANC TimeWalker series became MONTBLANC most sold of wrist table series one of. In TimeWalker time Walker series come out ten years, MONTBLANC launched the TimeWalker DLC chronograph time traveler series. This table has the following three major highlights:

NO.1 class diamond carbon

Class drilling carbon coating color is called "Black 4", meaning "black". As we have to do more than "Black 4" deep black is almost impossible, so the "DLC" ("class drilling carbon" material abbreviation) can be said to represent a stainless-steel shell surface hardness limits. Small glass ball blasting operations at high pressure, makes stainless-steel surfaces with small organizations, as a result, such drilling carbon coating can be glued on it and will not fall off, and highly textured matte layer is formed on the surface. Other steel parts are treated in the same way, such as: easy operation Crown, charm, timing button night Cha-pin, and Sapphire Crystal glass mosaic hanging into the caseback. Visible through the Sapphire Crystal caseback automatic mechanical movement MB4810/507, combined with chronograph movement fully comply with Switzerland in watchmaking production, and frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz), and therefore accurate stopwatch to measure time to 1/8 seconds.

NO.2-black dial

The new TimeWalker chronograph dial with and same black colors, and by professional watchmaking dials crafted by the makers of the well-known, disseminate advanced dial (cadraniers) unique artistry. Various display functions on the dial in different level design, core and periphery of the middle tier includes the dial, and printed in a circular pattern designs. Perimeter of the dial inscribed with slender stopwatch use the seconds tick by, each scale is subdivided into four distinct differentiation of small scale, represents 1/4 of a second, to tie in with 4 Hz frequency of the movement. There are three small dials on the dial, one of which is the continuous second hand, the other two timer product of Abacus, respectively, at six o'clock, nine o'clock and 12 o'clock positions. Located in the middle tier at the top of the small hour ring with black matte surface, without any pattern, and there are super luminous numbers on the scale ring, numbers TimeWalker glyphs of patent protection has been made, two-pointers and with clear and easy to read. In the time measurement function, compact design allows the wearer to clear, coal gray ruthenium plated pointer with charming night black background color contrasts, more visually prominent. Five pointers using typical Willow leaf design, and coated with a luminescent paint Stopwatch in red at the top of the balance. Date display window displays the current date in a 4:30 location, TimeWalker style white figures, more eye-catching against the black background.

NO.3 innovative materials

MONTBLANC TimeWalker collection Extreme Chronograph DLC chronograph black table using superior technology and disseminate sport elegant wind, that's impressive, strap material combination and the complexity of the process deserves more attention, strap lining black "vulcarbon Caf (high-tech Vulcanized rubber)" was made by, make the strap more strength and flexibility.

And leather tones commensurate of anti-fracture unit line Department used to will leather (cowhide) sewing Yu rubber of upper surface, took effort of business drive makes leather more added texture; special of processing way will leather fusion which, and non-only is package covered a layer leather, this way can increased its structure strength-the-the innovation of leather processing build out has special protection effectiveness of high performance material, for leather provides additional of anti-wear protection and waterproof, and fire protection. This material will be used in all Montblanc products, components, further proof of the MONTBLANC watches the complexity of innovation and performance requirements and are not limited to movement, also contains various components, such as: dial and strap, case structure. This table more carefully chosen and other steel components collected beads sand blasting and covered with a layer of "Black 4" class drilling carbon black fine pin buckle, matching its high-tech watch strap.

Hsu Chi

Watch: Bulgari LVCEA series female form

Reference price: 84000

The night of September 3, Italy Bulgari LVCEA female form was held in BTV series of product launches and declared the spokesman Shu, becoming Bulgari greater female table. That night, the charm of Shu Qi, the goddess wearing a stunning debut new LVCEA Womens watches, highlights the powerful aura and charming temperament. Shu Qi said: "it is to me, a beautiful watch can always lights a woman's best time.

Purple chess Thor Ronaldo Zhao Shu Qi star this week Deng Dai Biao style list

Bulgari LVCEA series female form

Purple chess Thor Ronaldo Zhao Shu Qi star this week Deng Dai Biao style list

Name of LVCEA, from Italy language "Luce" ("light") and the Latin word "Lux" ("luxury") the combination of this new watch collection inspired with the forces of light, and in feminine elegance, charming interpretation of contemporary women of rich content strength, grace, sensuality and energy. Its gleaming rounded case symbolizes the flow of time, meaning continuous past and present together, bracelet is a classic from the Bulgari Serpenti snake series inspired, circular dial and bracelet match full of building tension of harmony and dazzling style. The Crown inlay on a gleaming jewel is LVCEA what's iconic features, symbolizes the charms of women from the inside out, also reveals a Bvlgari comes from fine jewelry brand origin.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Watches: TAG Heuer taigehaoyakalaila Cal 1887 week calendar chronograph

Reference price: 45200

On August 28, the TAG Heuer Brand Ambassador taigehaoya Cristiano Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo) awarded by UEFA awarded the 2014 European player of the year award. In the 2013-14 season, the Champions League, Ronaldo scored an astonishing 17 goals and led Real Madrid to win the title, is making himself won the award.

Purple chess Thor Ronaldo Zhao Shu Qi star this week Deng Dai Biao style list Purple chess Thor Ronaldo Zhao Shu Qi star this week Deng Dai Biao style list

Series Carrera inspiration comes from motor sports. In 2013, to celebrate Carrera series 50 anniversary, Tag Heuer released a new racing watch 1887 Titanium Racing Chronograph. The launch of the Calibre 1887 chronograph continues the tradition of watchmaking and racing style, the band red car wire and lined with red hand on the dial have echoed reinforce racing by teenagers on the field strong and dynamic. Official number: CAR2A80. The Calibre 1887 chronograph has a 43 mm dial diameter, black sandblasted titanium case and Black ceramic bezel,

All black dial red hands is particularly striking, on the dial with three counters, timepieces including minutes, small time and small seconds disc, 3 o'clock position with black gold manual Assembly calendar window, black white date compatible with the overall style of the dial, black gold calendar window adds layers to the dial. Material casing made of sandblasted titanium metal, coated with black titanium carbide-coated, matte texture. Titanium metal is hard, hard 30% than steel, lighter than steel, corrosion-resistant, strong, black alligator watch with a red car line, echoing the red pointer in the dial, racing sport aesthetics continue to watch above. By Tag Heuer Watches carrying their own research and development of automatic winding movement Calibre 1887, by 320 parts, vibration is 28,000 times/hour, gem number 30, power reserve up to 50 hours.

Zhao Wei

Watch: ladies LeCoultre Reverso Cordonnet Neva snowflake inlays of silk chain double-sided Flip wrist watch

Reference price: millions more, specific store contact

The 71st Venice International Film Festival on August 27, 2014, to be held between September 6, LeCoultre brand Ambassador Zhao wear ladies LeCoultre Reverso Cordonnet Neva snowflake inlays of silk chain double-sided Flip watch attended the event. Slim down Zhao, gestures graceful and outstanding temperament, the Venice Film Festival's most popular and critically acclaimed Chinese actress.

Purple chess Thor Ronaldo Zhao Shu Qi star this week Deng Dai Biao style list

Reverso Cordonnet Neva women's snowflake inlays of silk chain double-sided Flip watch equipped with art deco style movement. This watch 30 leather strap with chain with replay, watch factory craftsmen use original snowflake mosaic technology, complete the decoration directly on the material. Diameter sizes of diamond white gold side by side surfaces are completely covered. Bright stones close together, like winter Neva River (Neva), cold wind blew, waves leap up under the ice. Sparkling waves along the hinge-what's the curve extends, flocked to the fixed component, lugs, or chain. Smooth arc of the chain and wrist snugly. Diamond snuggle with each other, and finally a jewel set us firmly, without any set claw effect Visual and tactile. Diamonds in the Reverso Cordonnet Neva women's snowflake inlays of silk chain double-sided Flip watch as silky, velvety, is pure delight.

Le Geng

Watch: new citizen eco-drive satellite time watch (CC2006-53E)

Reference price: 15000

On August 30, the television actor Geng Le visit the friendship department store in Urumqi, citizen organized "one second, for unlimited" new citizen eco-drive satellite to watch when new Conference. During Geng Le when you wear new citizen eco-drive satellite watch, stylish atmosphere and yet dynamic movement.

New citizen eco-drive satellite time watch (CC2006-53E)

As citizen satellite series of the third generation of products, the new satellite to watch will be the ultimate eco-drive design and cutting-edge technology combine performance, user experience and design are innovative breakthroughs in three ways. Case with a space mirror-polished metallic luster and texture of the streamlined design and four hands on the dial is composed of four separate motor control, move and react more rapidly. Application of titanium alloy materials, makes the watch more frivolous, 12.4 mm thickness. Watch every detail reflects a sense of speed and compatibility of beauty. In addition, with the last generation of eco-drive satellite to watch when compared to new watch and realizes the fast 3 seconds can be done from space satellites to watch the precision when satellite speed record was refreshed again.

Chris Pratt

Watch: MONTBLANC Executive heritage series perpetual calendar watch

Reference price: 16900 EUR Run charming Christmas Moose look

United States star kelisipalate wear MONTBLANC Executive heritage series perpetual calendar to attend the New York premiere of the movie Galaxy convoy. Premiere site, this times for shooting movie success reduction heavy 60 pounds of Chris Pratt to a seats simple elegant of deep blue suit match shallow blue shirt debut, right hand wearing new MONTBLANC class heritage series years calendar wrist table, low-key luxury of black crocodile skin pressure lines strap and classic of rose gold table circle not only for the Hollywood sportsman added has elegant sense, while more will Chris Pratt of gentleman temperament reflected have incisively.

MONTBLANC Executive heritage series perpetual calendar watch

Meisterst CK class is a Word from the German, meaning "masterpiece works of art". This concept has its origins in the middle ages the craftsmen's Guild: since the middle ages, complete journeyman artisans of the academic year can apply for accreditation as Meister (master) masters. If Guild accepting applications for artisans, the applicant must be under the supervision of a guild master within the create a demanding craft to prove their capabilities. When other masters recognized this work called the Meisterst after u CK masterpiece, the craftsman in order to finally get the rank of master. Thus, to date, Meisterst CK remained a remarkable process, top material, synonymous with superb aesthetics and performance.

This Executive heritage series perpetual calendar watch dial look simple but elegant and clean design at 6 o'clock on the moon phase disc Montblanc very subtle, fan-shaped moon phase and the other three disks in matching up perfect, and highlights the beauty of symmetry.

Calendar is a watchmaking recognized as a complex function, and "calendar" different is that it can be displayed correctly on the basis of having to manually adjust, including the leap year date information, theoretically this watch can accurately run until 2100. Just switch feature it no matter how long the wearer not to wear, are accurate time can be modulated in the shortest possible time.

Watch classic vintage route in design, minimalist style and complex functions to coordinate perfectly, and with some serious taste, is a pervasive dress watches. Usually perpetual calendar watches will make people associated with expensive and brand to this perpetual calendar watch pricing very good faith, stainless-steel version is priced at 10,000, rose gold's official selling price 16900, hit the high-end luxury market.

MONTBLANC watches dial black purple chess Deng Tag Heuer Zhao Shu Qi

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