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Tissot limited edition 2008 classic replica watches

February 7, 2017

Retro classic series is a unique replica Tissot series, it learned from Tissot 154 years of watchmaking history rich in inspiration, reproduce the brilliance of the Tissot brand products. Based on the vintage, retro classic series of original products and acquired a sense of style and high quality. Smart collectors used the table collections are

Tissot limited edition 2008 classic replica watches

2008 classic replica limited edition series by the very meaning of watch connoisseurs and advocates perfect designer to create elaborate, is the limited edition reprint of 1944 Tissot automatic watch. This wristwatch with original, using steel, transparent back cover and silver polished dial with outer rings silver lighter, Central is slightly darker, the contrast between light and darkness is full of rustic charm. Glass domed Sapphire Crystal glass, magnified many details on the dial: delicate hands, clear scale and italic Tissot classic retro series logo. But watch without losing their fashion taste, particularly with stylish Brown or black leather bracelet, cleverly combines perfectly classical and modern. The watch limited 3,333, the perfect gift is dedicated to Swiss Watch connoisseur and collector.


-Switzerland manufactured automatic movement, chronometer (certified by the COSC)

-Water-resistant to 30 m/3 bar

-Sapphire Crystal glass, arched mirror

-316L stainless steel case

-Silver watch, Arabic numeral scale

-Transparent case back cover

-Leather Bracelet (brown/black) with folding buckle

-Limited numbered from 0001 to 3333

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Tissot watches limited edition limited series classic replica classic watchmaking connoisseur

Short long coat wore a new height

January 31, 2017

For little girls, one to take becomes particularly important in winter, thick coats and pants are small motors are little backed into a corner, some girls said to wear long coats, walking with the wind sure felt great, but too small, don't panic! Choosing the right coat, wear a lift, long coat for a little air field

How long coat for a little high? Match how to choose?

"On the theme"

1, straight slim, streamlined styles most significantly high

Short + long coat, wore a new height!

Whole are stretched in a slim version of the coat is much better

2, do not wear loose ankle length coat

Short + long coat, wore a new height!

Little hard to hold up such a big coat, instead of significantly high this will backfire, wearing above the knee the best

3, a-type, x-type coats can select

Short + long coat, wore a new height!

High as we all know is a point of increasing waist line, so x coat should be very suitable for small

Short + long coat, wore a new height!

"Wear to catch"

1, open through the waist line, worn on the waist line

Short + long coat, wore a new height!

A-type, x-type, is suitable for wearing waist lines outside are more likely to highlight some

Another style choices open to wear it as much as possible, it would be easier to create significantly higher results

Short + long coat, wore a new height!

Match 2, not too much

Put the skirt must be shorter than the coat, if it is almost as long as coats can be

Short + long coat, wore a new height!

3, take the same color in a better

Short + long coat, wore a new height!

For a friend who is petite

With the color of the NetA will make the whole line looks more smooth

4, hat and boots

This approach is to improve the line of sight in a hat, scarves stacked part of attention to, so that you don't think is small New winner after Hu June cross border fashion

And hat, all of a sudden has increased a lot

If you want to select boots, some election material stiffness boots

More slim height

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Coats high matching coat and boots take winter hats

Countdown to the new year weight loss or hopeless To pick up a big long leg

January 23, 2017

Sauce has been thinking about how to save without a big long-legged girls, isn't gorgeous long legs, there is no innate superiority modeling matches would look better without it? Come on, street-people will always have a clever trick, let them tell you how to wear the long legs! These colors make your autumn and winter is not

Jacket + high waist pants

First must be able to produce perfect visual effect short tops and high-waist pants, tall MM wear is icing on the cake, and shorter friend into 55 again, and can say that there is no pollution modelling skills!

Countdown to the new year, weight loss or hopeless? To pick up a big long leg Countdown to the new year, weight loss or hopeless? To pick up a big long leg

This home a festive mix of the new year the right way! Jacket to show some tummy look reveals a little sexy, if you are not really satisfied with their butt, you can select a cover PP coat like this.

Countdown to the new year, weight loss or hopeless? To pick up a big long leg

Choose a short coat, winter no longer fear wrapped into dumplings. England style Plaid pants so chic, paired with a pair of ankle boots is fashionable.

Countdown to the new year, weight loss or hopeless? To pick up a big long leg

Draw the focus! Highlight the waist line

Pants waist, through higher and higher! Herniated lumbar line-tapping Board highlighting the two-metre-long legs secret! This fact and jacket has the same wonderful high waist pants, tops sticking out will inevitably appear lazy, beam becomes agile and competent in the pants.

Countdown to the new year, weight loss or hopeless? To pick up a big long leg Countdown to the new year, weight loss or hopeless? To pick up a big long leg

Like this shirt to wear look is modern and trendy, urban sense are also strong, is one of the easiest practical way of styling.

Countdown to the new year, weight loss or hopeless? To pick up a big long leg

Herniated lumbar line + sauce = super long legs ankles! And slim!

This really not too good minutes out of two-metre-long legs.

Countdown to the new year, weight loss or hopeless? To pick up a big long leg Countdown to the new year, weight loss or hopeless? To pick up a big long leg

Smog days so seriously, try this refreshing mix!

If you feel exposed ankle cold, go ahead and wear a pair of socks, editing to prompt similar to the color of the socks and shoes all be slimmer.

Best "accomplices" vertical stripes

Vertical stripes are long legs best "accomplices"! High slim vertical stripes which we all understand, why don't you try it?

Is arranged with eye-catching stripes or streaks can reach perfect stretch effect is absolutely fresh winter bloated shape ornament, "high efficiency" with excellent results.

Moreover, this year's most popular school pants you have to come a Oh!

Wide leg Bell to a

To be good at using wide-leg pants, Bell emphasized the Visual focus. Wide-leg pants, a good remedy is the best thin legs, winter sets of two pairs of long Johns are a cinch.

Pear shape girls reveal skinny collar bones, cover your butt and thick thighs shortcomings.

People have preconceived ideas of "dare to wear wide leg pants are generally not too short", that is, using this psychology can be confident the perfect handle wide-leg pants and high heels stepped on, before a call to the skills, highlighting the effect of long legs will definitely keep your surprise.

For commuters, winter, choose a wide-leg trousers or flared pants came in right but, wearing a UNIQLO thin long Johns is not limited to bloated, and suiting fabric or fabric trousers with formal sense, commuter choice.

Field boots

Boots is a double-edged sword, the most intuitive and most dangerous. Although boots both opportunities and risks, but don't overlook its effects, editing is only a suggestion, was slightly short MM remember must match thin boots, make them look neat slim up or will be a disaster.

Jessica Alba over the knee boots LOOK very sexy, elegant shiny mini dress with black high heel over the knee suede boots and feather evening bag in his hand, simple yet elegant details!

Fleshy girl please take notes, Hilary Duff relaxed stripe Tee a bit plump curves modified to perfection, plus fine NET over the knee boots, note that there is no fold style, beautiful shapely, matching black Leggings and boots the same, more elongated the leg line!

If you are in the South, you can try this look, showing a bit of thigh makes both sweet and sexy.

Finally, the editors feel that although five points is different, but they are not very clear boundaries, but trying to optimize body proportions, so in shape or learn to relate the most important!

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Long legs matching striped wide leg pants, jacket new year slimming high waist pants style

Stretch style Alexander McQueen spring summer 2017 large

January 16, 2017
Stretch style Alexander McQueen spring/summer 2017 large Stretch style Alexander McQueen spring/summer 2017 large Stretch style Alexander McQueen spring/summer 2017 large Stretch style Alexander McQueen spring/summer 2017 large

Collaboration with photographer Jamie Hawkesworth again, Vittoria Ceretti models in front of the changing landscape of light interpretation of the latest series, easy minimalist styling show fantasy sexy charm. FILA new store Grand opening of Nanjing new quarters

So charming you are interested in, might as well at or to enjoy the full movie.

Binding the day I they shine

January 10, 2017

The arrival of the winter, not only let you "lazy cancer attack", and the beauty of the heart is slightly more is hidden in a heavy coat. However, to maintain good taste and fashion styling, also is a way of tying in the days, you've got some bright pop jewelry accessories to support field.

Binding the day I they shine

Show is always a variety of fashion "synthesizer" where design and collocation of the various accessories are worth noting.

Like Chanel, Gucci and Alexander McQueen's show ground, earrings, necklaces, and other jewelry accessories are eye-catching, trance to steal clothes Thunder.

Binding the day I they shine Binding the day I they shine Binding the day I they shine

To Loewe, Kenzo and Missoni catwalk modeling, for example, large earring designs are always locked eyes all of a sudden, you really don't want to hit the shirt in the accessories match point effort.

Binding the day I they shine Binding the day I they shine Binding the day I they shine

When it comes to "match" to see how Elie Saab accessories use of five-pointed star on the show elements, and lace dresses not only echo, headband and earring is perfect fusion. Louis Vuitton and the Chloe catwalk modelling, accessories and bag into a pair of brand new CP. Sufficient to verify the importance of accessory choices.

Binding the day I they shine Binding the day I they shine

If you want to use basic warm this winter, don't neglect your accessories and want to play some "finishing touch" role are not will have to depend on them!

Days of tying their shine

Chiara Ferragni styling

Blogger Chiara Ferragni universe really are big fans of all kinds of accessories, if you Follow her social network, see stack put bracelets on her wrist and wristwatch.

Moreover, from various basic shapes for the evening Look, there are layers of accessories, blessing, and sometimes really count how many items she wore in the body.

So if you want to learn from her, ARTE accessories can help you to achieve the look. Dainty and exquisite Sparkle series items and details of design and the decorative details were just right.

Leandra Medine styling

Leandra Medine many popular fashion blogger, she is logically of the card, sometimes mixing styling really only she can manage well. Moreover, all kinds of accessories is also an integral part of her style.

Brown, Khaki-colored clothing with her selection of gold jewelry accessory to do echo; and sometimes jump out, big style and colorful design she can still Hold.

A chocolate shiny spiral form a double ring watch bracelet is unique. Or, as the stars General bits and pieces of necklaces and earrings are also good partners to cooperate with windbreaker or coat style. These Swarovski can do it for you.

Kong Xiaozhen styling

Kong Xiaozhen fashion is really nothing to say, play in a play she dared to wear and the ability to easily navigate all kinds of shapes. Among them, the accessories also cannot be ignored. Play her with a flower design earrings and rings warm sweater embellishment shapes, play outside, huge necklaces and bracelets on her is out of the question; is easy to change the dull suit also is attractive because of the accessories blessings.

So, with geometric design items really has its own uniqueness, J.Estine Red geometric styling accessories are well worth a try, Korean drama actress feel the yo!

In addition to learn from Fashion Icons and star performer in addition to mix all kinds of items also have pay attention to Accessories. Winter often had to wear basic items with different jewelry accessory, will have a different effect.

Wearing a shirt ... ...

"Mermaid" Gianna June remained high in the TV series beyond face value and good acting, the shape is not sloppy. In the fresh blue-and-white Plaid Shirt, matching their endorsement of the goddess Stone Henge necklace, just beautiful.

Though the temperature fell gradually, but is working inside can match items, including shirts, slightly longer necklace and earrings is an elegant choice, don't forget it takes a bit of personality. A bucket bag to let your body go with fashion

Pandora glimpse of winter frost series like winter views of nature frozen in the design as in the ice, snow and sky, you won't want to miss.

When wearing a suit ... ...

Suit when a normal cognitive very mannered commuter in a single product, although not as k vacuum suit with long necklace, but don't neglect the importance of jewelry accessories.

We routinely will pull up a suit sleeve, showing skilful side, bracelets and watches is clearly the best choice at this time.

FRED best Force 10 series bracelets stacked up lets dress in the workplace has more features; on one side and diamond necklace and earrings are another show of maturity and confidence.

When in a trench coat ... ...

Trench coats are also very practical fall/winter season of a single product, Khaki pieces as of course they were. And contributes to various types of trench coat styling, "echoes" is a very important link, Cascade necklace the ring echoes mashup, long earrings echoing the bags and other details. In this way, windbreakers and accessories are not a separate individual, but integrated into fashion designs.

Fashionable people are not strangers to VintageHollywood, chic design details are its characteristics. Think about it, in the most basic of dot color khaki trench coat styling, or even had tassels ring to steal, isn't it pretty good!

If wearing sweatshirts/sweaters ... ...

Most beautiful pictures in knitwear is not it like Liu, elegant and charming. Speaking, sweaters, sweatshirts and Jewelry Accessories really match, seemingly icy jewelry items and feel the warmth of the sweater knit with, there are always surprises.

Whether it is a sweater or turtleneck sweaters, a necklace are never wrong. In addition, the Turtleneck Sweater with Statement earrings, long-sleeved knit shirts to wear watches and bracelets are fashionable fine to Get the mix tip well.

Lady Bubble of Folli Follie watches Fashinably Silver series of Knots bracelets and woven Heart4Heart series four-leaf clover charm bracelet and matching details between both, and can show good taste, with a soft knit shirts and sweaters are very good.

When wearing a thick coat ... ...

Thick coat in winter nature alone, but their presence does not mean that you are going to be wrapped, so can resort to some small details to make changes, this time of course, Jewelry Accessories, for help.

Don't refuse big earrings and Choker in thousands of miles, sometimes "hidden" in cotton clothing and fur coat gleaming is a really good idea.

Chilly winters didn't want cold metal myself a cold shiver, then let it be optional velour or leather. Monday Edition has a lot of sharp stock make your eyes light up, this set of earrings, ring and necklace was really wild and characteristics, casual fashionable was it.

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Accessories style match glow Earrings Necklace jewelry Jewelry Accessories items

And girlfriends play outfit clashes with Shu ying Jiang and Han Huohuo in this

January 3, 2017

Have a good coat and most recently appeared in the "girlfriends" Street photo, front Han Huohuo just put it shuying in erhai Lake and the river cool selling MoE, hind feet with camel coat shuying in the river appears in the fan's airports in a street photography lens. An inside take grey sweater, black jeans, tidal range, and put the white knit dress, casual lazy, Goddess of no less quality. "Girlfriends" and wears a coat, wearing out their style.

And And And

Jiang Shu ying wore a Max Mara101801 coat airport Street


Han Huohuo wearing a coat Max Mara101801 Street

And And

This is Han Huohuo and the river camel coat 101801 shuying turns flop was Max Mara brand classics. Classic double-breasted design, made of camel wool and cashmere blended fabric, with a kimono sleeves, since its introduction in 1981 to become the star product, never revised, produced so far. Many film actors, royalty has been wearing coat 101801 appeared in public view. Including today's popular new generation Super Gigi Hadid also coat 101801 lover.

The magic Max Mara101801 classic coat is, it almost perfect proportions and silhouette's shoulders, posture suitable for different ages of women, and even men, concise style makes it easy for all costumes. Across time and gender, any current changes, it'll always be faithful to accompany a closet.

This year, Max Mara invited 6 to have the exquisite taste of Italy fashion and her daughter shows the amazing magic of this classic coat. Below to see how they and their first and best "girlfriends" play a close hit shirt.


Little black dress elegant mother MarilenaOddi daughter Carlotta 101801 camel coat fashion path guides, are also big fans of Max Mara. In the Japanese version of VOGUE Carlotta Oddi choices made in Phnom Penh of coat 101801 black Pajama pants and Golden slippers, wearing a languid sense of hippie fashion. Mother and daughter with an overcoat to play an entirely different fashion styles. "Your wardrobe must have a--101801 coat," said Carlotta Oddi.


Run the family jewelry business StefaniaSabbadini and her identity to art and fashion photographer active in Milan and New York's daughter, Micol wherever you go, coat 101801 is the most fashion must-have their luggage. Stefania coat was worn on his family's iconic bee brooch waist matching suede pants and high heels. Micol's style is more bold, mini mix platform sandals, slender legs at a glance.


"I love Max Mara. Age of 21 years, I have bought 3 a day Max Mara coat. "Chantal Guggenheim who love travel to Indonesia Tao Tao, large earrings to go with Max Mara101801 coats, simple and elegant, and full of bright decoration. Daughter Cecilia Bringheli is traditional public service CBItaly designer footwear brand, she winds up and down two sets with the same coat. She said, "and sometimes elegance lies not in what you wear, but how you get along with people. Mother taught me "

"This can coat and all outfits. "Maria Cristina said of her Max Mara coat 101801. As Buccellati jewelry brand global publicity public relations Executive, she is indeed a "flying man", entirely neutral shades in the closet and coat 101801 is phase contrast. Her photographer daughter Carlotta like this jacket matched with a more casual dress, mother and daughter, wearing out their wonderful.

Daughter, Virginia is the author of, mother EvelinaChristilin was a typical fashion Italy career woman, who is responsible for FIAT's press office operations, Turin has won President election. Both Mara coat 101801 mix mill jeans. Build practical skill and elegant styling.

SvevaCamurato and her mother, Maria Luisa Capitanio was Milan, their blood naturally flowing with passion for fashion. Maria is a psychologist, she would wear some of the more minimalist clothing, go with the simple lines of the coat. Photo, she wore a very striking necklace for her elegant shape adds a wonderful flavor. Daughter Sveva currently own jewelry brand, 01801 coat for her match the exaggerated long printed dress, she didn't think the 101801 coat is a perfect elegant coats, suits out of the clothes with lots of prints and patterns. Sveva has two teenage daughters, they started to wear this coat.

Seeing so many "girlfriends" match, had not echocardiography. Choose a coat as soon as possible, and hit your good girlfriends playing shirts now!

More coat item recommended:

IBLUES white coat

MARELLA grey Twill coat

MARINA RINALDI cherry powder coat

MAX&Co. white fur collar coat Tang Yan beauty cool only because wearing shoes

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Coat shuying girlfriends River match and South Korea hit fire maramax shirt girl

More white than black painted in winter these match cheats get soon

December 27, 2016

White wears a lift there will always be many girls refuse, in fact universal Joker in white color, good super eye-catching fashion, just pick the white items, you can make your match instant style, we summarized several white LOOK for you, hurry up

More white than black painted in winter these match cheats get soon

White dress take LOOK Shishi Liu free sister loves little jacket wear

Fashion bloggers on the Ins, already put on white items, whether it is white or white sweater, pants, or the white baodan were they set out a different kind of taste and style, can give your white and put up a very good reference.

LOOK1: wear taking white, seem more special.

More white than black painted in winter these match cheats get soon More white than black painted in winter these match cheats get soon

LOOK2: a beautiful Pearl accessories that can make your white dress set higher.

More white than black painted in winter these match cheats get soon

LOOK3: add texture and white lace details make you more style.

More white than black painted in winter these match cheats get soon

LOOK4: white sweater with white pants, casual.

More white than black painted in winter these match cheats get soon

LOOK5: starting with a textured White leather bag

More white than black painted in winter these match cheats get soon

LOOK6: white hole pencil pants let you match the look clean and stylish

More white than black painted in winter these match cheats get soon More white than black painted in winter these match cheats get soon

LOOK7: white fur felt Hat let you match seems meek and quiet

LOOK8: white Lamb's wool jacket is warm and soft sister

LOOK9: white pants with white suit, athletic mix is very stylish.

LOOK10: Brown and white is a perfect match

LOOK11: black and white stripes are the best choice for white

LOOK12: white with colour match, very high

LOOK13: directly when coat wearing white loose sweater

Korea super model Irene Kim white overcoats knitted set + black handbag in eye-catching fashion color eyes

Beckham with a White Turtleneck Sweater with white split skirt, who said White could not wear a sexy smell?

Cousin Jennifer Lawrence with a white suit and white tulle skirt, matching is suitable to participate in activities like this.

Gigi Hadid long with white knit shirt with white shirts and trousers, casual.

Jessica Alba's White sweater with skinny jeans, white Tee for taking, highlighting the overall sense of hierarchy.

With understated elegance Plaid coat and white dress, looks elegant and informal.

You can try white

White and black goes without saying, if you wore a white do not know with what color, black is preferred.

Match different textures of white pieces will have a different taste, distinction from the textures on the single product, can make your white is very different.

White sweater with white wide-leg pants, small love this LOOK, not only is very high, and tighten loose matching and let you look very spiritual.

White and a touch of powdered cherry mix, will make your skin tone overall brightness, and looks very sweet.

This winter white mohair sweater is you can start with a white, texture of mohair is not only warm and let your style instantly soft sister.

White and metallic colors are a perfect match, will make plain white more than a high feeling.

All White mix long coat yijianqian bird, decent.

White sweater with a long white wrap dress, full of grace.

Beige Turtleneck Sweater with a white long dress, nude heels base, so white is especially suitable for OL in.

Feather decorative elements can let your white items is more ornate, more suitable for the new year's Party.

Simple white sweaters with white skirt, with a brown bag to match the overall LOOK, very ripe taste.

Very style dressed in white trousers and white wide-leg pants in particular, matching high heels or sneakers all Style.

Little white dress for girls to participate in formal wear, lace and openwork designs are Lady sweet taste.

Always give people a sense of clean white sweater, especially Oversize style of sweater, more laid-back sense of fashion.

If you want to select from accessories and white items, then a white bag is the best choice for you.

Recommended mix

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White sweater item cheats high in winter warm sweater with

Births has more than 60 years of Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust steel series

December 21, 2016

Births has more than 60 years of Oyster Perpetual Datejust steel gold series are popular with all walks of life and love in the world very easy to identify a watch.

Births has more than 60 years of Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust steel series

It can withstand the current and the test of time, has a timeless charm. In the minds of people, it has become an art work. Latest series--two gold steel Mens Datejust II and trimmed with diamond 36 mm Lady-Datejust, more exemplary witness.

Oyster Perpetual Datejust slowdown of change and evolution, not only has a timeless, elegant, luxurious style and blend of cutting-edge technology and superior technology.

Rolex a long outstanding watchmaking tradition and modern technology, it is classic. Waterproof and dustproof Rolex case comes from a 1926 invention. 5 years later, in 1931, Rolex for further success, design automatic system--constant oscillation of thallium, which can convert a slight movement of the wrist watch have a power. Launched 1945 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust watch "Datejust", then created the watch world history. Because the watch invented the calendar display functions at the surface, so "Datejust" this term, hence the name.

Oyster Perpetual Datejust steel series is widely recognized as the Rolex masterpiece. It takes the most precious metal, possess excellent performance-precision, waterproof, automatic technology, and through Switzerland chronometer testing center (COSC, Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute) approved, every production process is full of heart.

Oyster Perpetual Datejust

Platinum or gold steel steel (36 mm)

Brand new Oyster Perpetual Datejust steel gold series, following the Rolex watchmaking tradition, launch of the watches with a feminine charm design, escort ladies of different events, and enjoy a variety of lifestyles, also represents female self affirmation and high aesthetic requirements.

Watch case

36 mm Datejust case elegant, comfortable to wear. Water-resistant to 100 meters (330 feet), matching set with diamond Cup for the first time.


Datejust movement entirely designed and produced by Rolex and more through Switzerland chronometer testing center (COSC, Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute) approved, can hold up to 48-hour power.


Surfaces are not only delicate and elegant, but with a brand new design.


Optional equipped with extended chain link, Oyster Oyster with buckle strap, or type mark with Crown buckle strap to ensure pleasing in appearance, comfortable to wear.

Births has more than 60 years of Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust steel series

Oyster Perpetual Datejust

Platinum or gold steel steel (36 mm)

Watch case




Births has more than 60 years of Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust steel series

Oyster Perpetual Datejust

Platinum or gold steel steel (36 mm)

Watch case




Oyster Perpetual Datejust

Platinum or gold steel steel (36 mm)

Watch case Celebrity series tables presenting precious holiday




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Datejust Rolex series birth case watch strap design movement

FILA new store Grand opening of Nanjing new quarters are released for Italian

December 15, 2016
FILA new store Grand opening of Nanjing new quarters are released for Italian fashion!

From left: Central Group Vice President Xu Wenxu, FILA Vice President Wang Huayou in China, Mr Hu Wei, Deputy Chief of the Central Group, Miss Gao Yuanyuan, Mr Yao Weixiong, FILA FILA President of China China Vice President James Kim, Mr Wang Lin, President of the Central Group IFA Paris released melting pot theme fashion show

Famous Chinese actress, grace Gao Yuanyuan, the goddess in person at the scene, with the FILA President Yao Weixiong, Vice-President Wang Huayou, Mr James Kim, Vice, FILA Miss fan, General Manager of Jiangsu Province Wang Lin, President of the Central Group, Vice President Mr Xu Wenxu, together for the opening ceremony of the new Hu Wei, Deputy Chief. FILA also introduce exquisite ornate outdoor pedestrian street in central square shows, for all the guests the extraordinary fashion show fall/winter FILA2016 elegant and smart.

FILA new store Grand opening of Nanjing new quarters are released for Italian fashion!

Italy centuries FILA sport lifestyle brand new image store in the Nanjing central square Grand opening, as we all know, FILA was born more than a century ago in Italy Biella, through continuous innovation and relentless pursuit of quality, making it one of the world's leading sports brands.

With modern technology to reproduce Hamilton reach thin watches

December 9, 2016

Hamilton appears to be air forms an inseparable bond has been, Hamilton, drawing inspiration from the sky, creating a series of aviation watches. Hamilton created the 120 anniversary of the many shining history classics to modern technology to reproduce, bearing century spirit of pursuing freedom and personality of the brand, highlighting the contemporary elite understated but very rich meaning of tolerance.

Brand new perfect thin watches with the same name of the series comes from the late 60 's, to reproduce nostalgic elegance and modern technology. Watch everywhere as a whole is not revealing details of classic, timeless vintage 40-60 in Hamilton LOGO, slim light pointer scale and pure and simple disk outline of timeless style, beautifully arched glass and shell distribute elegant bearing.

Hamilton new Pegasus thin watches

Hamilton new Pegasus thin watches Performance engineering model for all new Ingenieur

Switzerland 2892-2 self-winding mechanical movement run precision, so that the whole watch no more than 7 mm of thickness, with a rustic touch, black leather strap, classic temperament make perfect thin series followed.

Hamilton new Pegasus thin watches

Hamilton new Pegasus thin watches

This watch has a 38mm or 42mm two sizes, equipped with sapphire glass, table case with steel and (gold PVD) and layers of black and silver dial, stainless steel strap and antique black leather strap.

Hamilton new Pegasus thin watches

Hamilton new Pegasus thin watches

Hamilton new Pegasus thin watches

Hamilton new Pegasus thin watches

Hamilton Watch was established in 1892 in United States, Pennsylvania, Lancaster, combining the free United States spirit and excellence of the Switzerland technology, is known for innovative design and textured modelling.

Hamilton new Pegasus thin watches

Hamilton new Pegasus thin watches

Hamilton new Pegasus thin watches

Really is a table altar star watch

In the field of aviation wristwatches are striking, with strong roots in Hollywood and fame, it has been in more than 400 films movie debut. Such as hot before the characters in the drama of the men in black 3 is wearing a Hamilton Watch. Meanwhile Han Milton is also the world's largest watch manufacturer and distributor members of the Swatch Group.

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Watches series modern art in Hamilton Hamilton watches classic black strap

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